There is Hidden Treasure on Your Property...
3 Important Facts About the Value of Your Property's Landscaping and ...How to Discover the Key to Your Riches.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, now is the time to find your hidden fortune: your landscaping. Gateway's certified professionals know the right path to the landscaped property of your dreams and are ready to guide you at every step of the journey. First, some of the facts you should know about how landscaping can uncover the hidden value of your property:

Fact #1. Consumers value a landscaped home up to 11.3% higher than its base price, according to a Clemson University and University of Michigan study.




Fact #2. A Society of Real Estate Appraisers survey revealed that 95% of the appraisers responding to the survey believed that landscaping adds to the dollar value of residential real estate, while 99% said it enhanced the sales appeal of residential real estate.

Fact #3. A variety of studies reveal that landscaping can increase the value of residential and commercial property from 5% to as much as 20%.

The advantages of a professionally installed landscape go beyond the neat and upscale appearance you will enjoy. Gateway understands the importance of these facts and has helped homeowners and commercial property owners realize the added value that professional landscaping can bring. You can reap substantial returns now and in the future with a Gateway designed and built solution.

For Homeowners, find out how Gateway's Residential Landscaping Services will increase the value of your property, and make the outside of your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Smart Money Magazine published a special report in its March 2003 issue entitled “Add 15 Percent to Your Home’s Value.” The magazine told its readers, “one of your greatest assets may be your own backyard, literally. As the housing market turns softer, Americans are realizing that one of the best ways to increase a home’s resale value is to revamp the landscape.”

For Commercial Property Owners, find out how a properly designed landscape layout can reduce your seasonal maintenance costs while improving the value and curb appeal of your property. Gateway's Commercial Landscaping Services solve the property owner's cost / benefit dilemma by generating more traffic for the business while reducing the cost of keeping that landscape affordable.

As ALCA explains at its web site, “A well designed landscape invites customers to the door, producing higher occupancy rates, increased rentals and lower vacancies.” According to Director of Landscape USA, “Landscaping not only can add as much as 14% to the resale value of a building, but it also speeds the sale of a building by as much as six weeks.”

Trust Gateway to help you find your property's hidden treasures. Contact Gateway today for a free consultation.

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