Spring / Fall Cleanups

Property cleanups are an important part of your maintenance plan. Lawn and landscaped areas should have leaves and debris removed to ensure healthy plants and deter pest damage. But do you really want to spend your precious time doing this type of work? Let Gateway handle your cleanups while you handle more important matters.

Spring Cleanups - Get your property ready for spring.

We provide many services to get your property looking great, just in time for the good weather. Spring cleanups are essential to getting your lawn and planting beds off to a great start. We begin as soon as the weather permits, usually late April or early in May, when the soil is firm enough to handle the equipment.

Included in your spring cleanup is the following:

  • Clean up all leaves and debris that have collected over the winter.
  • Give your lawn a good, thorough raking to lift up dead grass and allow air and nutrients to start penetrating into the soil as things warm up.
  • For our weekly maintenance customers we can also prepare your planting beds by cultivating, edging, and weeding.

Fall Cleanups - fall clean up is essential to minimizing your work the following spring.

The crisp fall air and and the beauty of the changing leaves seem to fade quickly when we realize how big of a mess we have in our yard each fall. A yard full of leaves is overwhelming to most property owners. It could take a whole weekend to collect and bag all of your leaves.  We can take care of collection, removal, and disposal of your leaves thoroughly and efficiently. Leave the hard work to us. Fall cleanups commence and continue for the entire month of November, or until the soil freezes.

A fall cleanup includes:

  • Clean up and removal of the leaves on the lawn and landscaped beds.
  • Removal of litter and fallen tree limbs.

Remember: when it's time to "spring ahead, fall back", its time to contact Gateway to schedule a property cleanup.


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