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Segmental Retaining Wall Systems (SRWS) are landscape or retaining walls that rely on a combination of mechanical interlock and weight to prevent overturning and sliding. Landscape walls are typically retaining walls that are under six feet in height. The system consists of concrete masonry units which are placed without the use of mortar (dry stacked).

The success of any segmental retaining wall installation depends on more than just the skill of the installer. Retaining walls over four feet high must be properly engineered for factors such as loading and reinforcement. That's the reason Gateway works with professional engineering firms to verify the design before the work starts, and why you want expert design and installation by professionals you can trust.

When you choose Gateway, you're putting your wall project in the hands of NCMA-certified, experienced and reliable professionals who are committed to delivering quality service. With Gateway, you'll enjoy all these advantages:

  • A free consultation with no obligation
  • Helpful and professional guidance on choosing the right wall products for your needs
  • Large selection of wall designs, with styles, colors, shapes and finishes to suit your plans
  • Detailed proposal for your approval
  • Complete management of your project, from design, to construction, to cleanup
  • Start-to-finish installation by professionals who are certified and insured

Landscape Walls blend into the natural contours of the  property Segmental Retaining Wall Systems features include:

  • Design Flexibility - The SRWS is composed of units whose size and weight makes it possible to construct walls in the most difficult of locations. Curves and other unique layouts can be easily accommodated. Segmental retaining walls have the ability to function equally well in large-scale applications as well as smaller residential landscape projects.
  • Aesthetics - Since SRWS units are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors, segmental retaining walls provide designers and owners with both an attractive and a structurally sound wall system.
  • Retaining Walls can solve difficult slope issuesEase of Installation - Most SRWS units can be placed by a single construction worker. The dry stack method of laying units without mortar allows construction of the wall to proceed rapidly.
  • Economics - SRWS provide an attractive, cost effective alternative to conventional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls. Savings are gained because on-site soil can usually be re-used, eliminating costs associated with bringing in fill and/or removing excavated materials, and because there is no need for extensive formwork or heavy construction equipment.
  • Durability - Segmental units are manufactured of high compressive strength, low absorption concrete which helps make them resistant to spalling, scour, abrasion, the effects of freeze-thaw cycles, rot, and insect damage.
  • Performance - Unlike rigid retaining wall structures, which may display cracks when subjected to movement, the flexible nature of segmental retaining walls allows the units to move and adjust relative to one another without visible signs of distress.

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