Lawn Installation

It isn't just planting seed and watering . . .

It's Gateway's expert site preparation . . . the best sod matched to your needs and conditions . . 

It's trained installation specialists that know how to establish your lawn . . . and it's professional advice and care that keep your new lawn gorgeous and healthy for years to come.

Your Gateway consultation begins with a thorough understanding of your needs, budget, and conditions. The Gateway design experts then match your new lawn to these requirements. Gateway's goal is to design and create a lush, breautiful, and long-lasting lawn from the best sod available. We also know that the long-term maintenance costs are often overlooked by property owners.

For example, the maintenance of a large, expansive lawn area can be expensive. Small turf areas with restricted access also become expensive to maintain. Per 1,000 square feet, a 60”- or 72”-wide mower can cut grass five to six times faster than a traditional 21” wide mower. Gateway can design your new lawn by staying away from small, isolated lawn areas and using broad, sweeping lawn panels, which can be easily maintained with the larger machines.  

The Gateway lawn design will depend on several considerations - each analyzed and recommended in accordance with your expected results, including:

  • Grass type
  • Budget
  • Establishment time
  • Potential soil incompatibility
  • Seasonal issues
  • Erosion or drainage concerns that may have an impact on the success of establishing your lawn.

Gateway's experienced crew will plan and install your lawn according to your needs to ensure a healthy and rich green lawn.

Gateway uses only quality sod matched to your site, freshly cut and delivered for immediate installation. 

Our trained experts will advise you on watering procedures for new installations and are available for additional consultations and monitoriing if necessary. Additionally, Gateway professionals are always ready to advise you on proper maintenance once your new lawn has been established.  For example, new sod should be watered thoroughly after installation, and then frequently until the sod is established.

Contact Gateway today for your free Lawn Installation Consultation.


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