Landscape Enhancement Services

Landscape enhancements help increase the character and vitality of an existing property. This can be achieved through a design process that alters, augments, or removes elements of the landscape. Gateway has extensive experience in commercial landscape development from the initial planning stages and site consultations with developers through the installation and subsequent maintenance. Our skilled designers develop a plan that will complement the design of the proposed or existing structure and create an environment that is unique to that particular property.

As property owners and managers, you are constantly balancing the desire for an attractive landscape with a landscape that is cost-effective to maintain. Gateway can assist you by designing a landscape that is not labor-intensive and still appealing to your clients and customers.

 Our design and installation services include:


Gateway offers a wide variety of design and installation services, and we pride ourselves in our ability to work with projects of any size, scope or scale. Our talented team will work with you individually to create a plan best suited for your site.

When you choose Gateway, for your design/build or installation needs you get:

  • Designs that are created with the long-term beauty of your property in mind
  • More accurate estimates based on a thorough knowledge of your site and our design
  • Coordinated installation of hard and softscaping, including working with other trades on site
  • Fully integrated turn-key service from design to project completion
  • A committed work force that derives satisfaction from a job well done.

Did you know...

According to a study by University of Pennsylvania Professor Joel Goldsteen, landscape amenities had the highest correlation with occupancies of any other architectural and urban design variables evaluated. His conclusion was “landscaping amenities pay back the developer as evidenced by the higher occupancies (and rents) clearly justifying the investment.”
According to Judith Guido, Director of Marketing for LandCareUSA, landscaping can add as much as 14 % resale value to a building and speed the sale of a building by as much as 6 weeks.

Call Gateway today for your free Landscape Enhancement consultation.


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