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Hardscape Installation
                  - A Gateway Specialty

Walk around your house . . . Look at the property, really look at it . . . Your lawn and shrubbery, walkways, driveway . . . Feel how they fit into their natural setting.

Let your imagination go . . . and now see it the way Gateway will see it and all the possibilities.

Gateway can enhance the look of your home with interlock pavers and segmental retaining wall systems. From winding walkways to patios to landscape walls built into their natural surroundings, Gateway designs with an eye towards nature's intent, constructed in true art form sculpted into your property that match the style and elegance of your home or building.

Gateway's hardscape (structures such as walkways, walls, patios, and driveways, made with hard materials) blend into their settings and are constructed to match the terrain with a proper base to provide a solid foundation that will be enjoyed for many generations.

There have been a number of misconceptions about interlocking pavers: they are too expensive, not durable, and high maintenance. Explore the facts for yourself:

“…excited to see how quickly the project was done… How well everything goes together. Beautiful.  Neighbors commented on how professional the staff was, and what a great job they’d done.  Now I can enjoy our backyard.  It is a wonderful extension to our home.”
   - Karen K., N. Andover, MA

Gateway's expert staff of ICPI- and NCMA-certified designers, technicians, and craftsmen have the training and experience to select the appropriate materials for the intended effect of each design. Gateway understands how important it is to use just the right color and shading to complement your residence. Gateway designs give careful consideration to texture and shape to maintain a natural look.

Gateway's hardscape possibilities include:

  • Patios, walkways, and driveways that are constructed from a broad pallette of colors, textures, and shapes to create a completely unique design.
  • Retaining walls that can tame slopes and increase the usabilty and safety of the property such as segmental retaining walls that blend into the contours of your property. 
  • Stone Steps that enhance the natural beauty of any property and can be made of several different types of pavers or the wall system itself.

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