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Gateway Property Maintenance & Landscape Design was founded in 1999 with the fundamental belief that establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, both residential and commercial, is the key to success.

Getting to know a client, understanding what they want to achieve, and working closely together allows Gateway to create and design projects that are not only beautiful but also reflect the goals of each client.

In the landscape industry, the property owner has so many options and needs to make many decisions that have significant impact on a project. For example, finding the most qualified installer can be a daunting task. Gateway installers are certified technicians, craftsmen that understand "how to", based on training and experience. 

Gateway prides itself on good ethics, from our open communication with the propery owner about budget and options, to the careful attention we pay to the design and selection of materials, and using only properly trained staff for the installation and maintenance processes.

Education, experience, and knowledge are the key components of a good installer. Gateway certified installers have completed training courses and attended seminars and can be trusted to know proper installation techniques using industry standards for any application.

Gateway's projects feature building materials that blend with the natural landscape and terrain; complement the grounds to provide a harmonious and functional result. Working with quality products and reliable suppliers is also a very important factor to getting your project from design through completion.

Over the years we have invested many hours researching building products and materials, evaluating techniques, and experimenting with our own designs.

The result? Satisfied customers and beautiful projects that rival any other.

Call today to discover what Gateway can design and create for you.

Steve Gudek



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